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While the shift towards EVs offers numerous benefits, EV owners often encounter challenges when charging outside their homes. Issues such as parking congestion, prolonged occupancy of charging spaces, charger availability, and operational reliability were impeding the seamless charging experience. Inspired by these insights, our team embarked on a journey to develop impactful solutions.

Home Charger Plan:

Understanding that home charging is a cornerstone of EV ownership, we introduced an attractive home charger plan. By collaborating with charging equipment manufacturers, we made EV charging accessible and affordable for every EV owner. Our home charger plan empowered EV owners to install charging units at their residences, eliminating the need to rely solely on public chargers. This approach not only increased charging convenience but also alleviated the burden on public charging infrastructure.

1 City 1 DC Plan:

To address the challenges faced by EV owners when charging outside their homes, we launched the pioneering “1 City 1 DC” initiative. This visionary plan aimed to establish a network of direct current (DC) fast chargers strategically placed across the city. These chargers were strategically located near residential areas, workplaces, and commercial centers, ensuring maximum accessibility for EV owners. Notably, purchasing our home charger automatically granted owners access to this city-wide charging network.

e-Coin Incentive:

To incentivize participation in the “1 City 1 DC” plan and encourage adoption of our home chargers, we introduced an innovative rewards system. EV owners who purchased our home charger were awarded free e-coins– a digital currency specifically designed for our charging network. that worth RM350. These e-coins could be used to access the public charging network, creating a symbiotic relationship between home charging and city-wide charging access.