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A routine call from a distressed customer set the stage for this remarkable case study. The customer had encountered a frustrating problem with a recently installed charger – it charges at 3.7kW instead of 22kW. Previous quotes from other installers had painted a grim picture, suggesting an expensive new installation. Our team, however, decided to approach the issue differently.

Initial Assessment:

Understanding the customer’s concern was the first step. Our team
promptly arranged a site visit to closely inspect the existing installation. During the visit, we examined the charger, its components, and the overall electrical setup. This meticulous examination led us to a crucial realization – the issue was not with the charger itself but with the wiring and cabling supporting it which will led to fire hazard.

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REx Solution:

Rather than opting for a costly and extensive reinstallation, our experts devised an innovative plan. Upgrading the existing wiring and cabling (from 2.5mmsq to 10mmsq), we concluded, would rectify the issue and render the charger fully functional. This solution not only saved the customer significant expenses (save up 80% of their cost) but also showcased our commitment to practical, efficient, and cost-effective resolutions.

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