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Basic Warranty

Case A – Purchase charger and installation service with Rex

  1. 2-year free basic warranty.
  2. During warranty, free labour costs provided for charger replacement if necessary.
  3. Free replacement if manufacturing defects.

*Terms and conditions apply.

Case B – Only purchase charger with Rex (excluding installation service)

  1. 2-year basic warranty on charger only if testing commissioning are done by Rex’s certified engineers.
  2. Free replacement if manufacturing defects.

*Terms and conditions apply.

Case C – Only purchase installation service with Rex

  1. 3 months basic installation warranty, any issues with the charger itself will not be included.

*Terms and conditions apply.

Warranty is subject to following conditions:

  1. Installed or conducted testing & commissioning by Rex’s certified installers/engineers.
  2. Installation must follow on the electricity supply that mentioned on the rating plate.
  3. The charger can only be used to charge on electric vehicles.
  4. The warranty will be void if anyone other than Rex’s authorized team attempts to open, modify, service, maintain, dismantle, or interfere with the charger.
  5. Any necessary repairs should only be carried out by Rex’s team
  6. The charger should remain at its initially installed location.

The warranty does not cover:

  1. Harm caused by incorrect utilization, normal usage deterioration, neglect or interference.
  2. Replacement of any supplementary item not provided by Rex.