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Which EV charger should I get?

Power Delivery:
Make sure your EV charger can provide at least 32 Amps of power, which translates to roughly 7.7 kW for single-phase charging or 22 kW for three-phase charging. We recommend this capacity because technology is advancing rapidly. Even if your current EV can’t fully utilize it, preparing now can save you from needing to replace your charger in the future.

Cable Length
EV chargers offer cables ranging from 5 to 7 meters in length. Choose a charging cable that can reach your car’s charging port from wherever you park.

Can my home handle 32A?

When considering the installation of an EV charger in your home, there’s no need to be concerned about voltage amperage. The majority of Malaysian households can support 32A, and some can even handle up to 60A. When you utilize our service, we will carefully select the appropriate charger for your home based on a thorough assessment of your power setup.

Additionally, it’s essential to keep in mind that if you are using a portable EV charger, Malaysian outlets are rated at 13A. Therefore, it is imperative to acquire a portable EV charger with a 13A rating.

Does my house have a single phase or three-phase power supply?

You can easily determine using 1 of the methods listed below:

Method 1: Typically, this information is indicated on the power company’s meter. For instance, on the right-hand meter box, you’ll find the labels “3-phase-4-wire” and “380V, 3x220V,” indicating a three-phase power supply. Meanwhile, the left-hand meter displays “220V,” signifying a single-phase meter.

Method 2: Examine your electrical switchboard. In the image on the left, you’ll notice a single switch (single-pole switch), whereas the image on the right features three switches (3-pole switch).

single switch 3 switch

Method 3: You can directly inquire with your electricity provider (TNB).

Alternatively, you can take a photograph and send it to us, and we can provide you with the answer. Click here to contact us. v

Is my EV compatible with RExharge’s chargers?

Our EV chargers are designed to be compatible with all electric vehicles in Malaysia, ensuring that you can charge any EV with ease. Featuring the Type 2 (IEC 62196-2) connector, which is the standard in Malaysia, our chargers provide a versatile and reliable solution for all your charging needs. Whether you drive a fully electric vehicle or a plug-in hybrid, our chargers can deliver efficient and dependable performance.

If you’re purchasing a used car that has been directly imported to Malaysia from another country, please share the export country and the specific electric vehicle model with us. We’ll choose the appropriate plug type for your needs.

Are the EV chargers designed to withstand outdoor weather conditions?

Our  EV chargers comply with IEC 60529, an international standard that defines the levels of protection provided by enclosures against intrusion from foreign objects (such as dust) and moisture.

All our chargers have at least an IP54 rating, meaning they are protected against dust and splashing water from any direction. For those needing even greater protection, we offer models with specifications that go up to IP66, which provides complete protection against dust and powerful water jets. This ensures our chargers deliver efficient, dependable, and weather-resistant performance for all your charging needs.


How to order?

You can order through our online shop. Click here.

Alternatively, order through WhatsApp. Click here.

Do I need a qualified installer?

As a Suruhanjaya Class A and Grade G5 contractor, we are committed to delivering high-quality, reliable, and safe EV charging solutions for our customers.


What are the payment options available?

We accept the following payment methods:

  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • Bank transfers
  • E-wallets
  • Maybank instalment payments

Should I opt for a 3-phase or single-phase EV charger?

We highly recommend choosing a 3-phase EV charger as it has the capacity to charge your EV up to three times faster compared to a single-phase EV charger. If your home already has a 3-phase power supply, there’s no need to hesitate; go for the 3-phase EV charger. In case your home currently operates on a single-phase system, don’t worry – our certified electricians can upgrade your home to 3-phase power. While this might involve a slight additional cost, the substantial improvement in charging speed makes it a worthwhile investment. Please request a quote from us, and we’ll swiftly provide you with an estimate for the installation cost.

What's the expected delivery timeframe for the item?

If you opt out of our installation service, the charger will be shipped directly to your residence. Typically, you can anticipate receiving your order within 5-10 business days, varying slightly based on your location. You will receive a tracking number as soon as your order is dispatched.

Alternatively, if you choose our installation service, our certified electrician will deliver your purchased charger to your address for installation at your preferred time.

Is it possible for the courier to delay the delivery until I'm accessible?

If you don’t require our installation services, kindly specify your preferred delivery date and time, and we will make the necessary arrangements. Alternatively, we can dispatch your shipment to a nearby pickup location, allowing you to retrieve it at your convenience whenever you’re ready.

To which locations can your products be shipped?

Our delivery service covers all regions across Malaysia.

Which types of enterprises can take advantage of EV chargers?

The range of businesses that can benefit from EV chargers is extensive.

If you oversee a large parking area, you can install EV chargers and offer charging services to your parking lot visitors. This is especially relevant for industries such as:

  • Property management companies
  • Real estate and property developers
  • Office buildings
  • Public institutions like government buildings

On the other hand, if your aim is to enhance visitor experience and attract more people to your establishment, the following industries can also benefit from EV chargers:

  • Shopping malls
  • Hotels

Additionally, if your business falls into one of the categories below, it’s worth considering EV chargers:

  • Fleet operators: If you manage a fleet and are transitioning from gasoline vehicles to EVs, installing EV chargers is essential.
  • Automotive industry: If you’re involved in car sales, your customers may require EV chargers.
  • Electricians: We welcome electricians to collaborate with us.

The possibilities are virtually limitless. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via WhatsApp or email for further inquiries.

We possess a huge parking area; do you cater to commercial initiatives?

Absolutely, we do. Kindly contact us directly at [email protected] or WhatsApp us, and we will respond promptly.

We are located outside of Malaysia, but can we still make a purchase from your company?

While we currently serve customers exclusively within Peninsular Malaysia, we’re actively expanding our business. If you’re a distributor interested in partnering with us, please reach out via WhatsApp or email to explore potential collaboration opportunities. We look forward to hearing from you!

I require a personalized item; are you capable of providing this service?

Absolutely, we can accommodate custom requests. Please be aware that there may be a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) requirement. Don’t hesitate to contact us via WhatsApp or email, and we’ll explore the possibilities.

How can I obtain a quote for the installation of my EV charger?

If you currently own or plan to purchase an EV or plug-in hybrid, you are eligible to request a quote for our EV charger installation service. Simply click on the “BUY CHARGER NOW” button at the bottom of this response. Alternatively, you can click here to order through WhatsApp. Rest assured, you’re under no obligation to proceed with the charger installation until you make a deposit.

What's the importance of engaging a licensed and certified electrician for the installation of EV charging stations?

Charging an electric vehicle consumes nearly as much energy as the average household’s consumption, imposing a significant load on your home’s electrical system. Additionally, each parking space presents unique challenges. Hence, it is crucial to have experienced electricians who specialize in EV installations. Most importantly, this ensures adherence to industry standards and guidelines.

What is the pricing for your installation service?

Our standard installation package for single phase is priced at RM1388, whereas for three phase it is RM1788

The Basic Installation Plan includes the following:

    1. Supply and installation of the EV Distribution Box , inclusive of:
      a. EV Charger distribution box
      b. MCB 40A (2 pole / 3 pole)
      c. RCCB 40A (2 pole / 4 pole)
      d. Isolator 40A
    2. Supply and installation of cabling. 10 meters of 6mm cable (3 cores / 5 cores)
    3. Installation of a 7 or 22 kW EV charger and cable termination.

Please note that if the actual installation requirements exceed the scope of the basic installation plan (e.g., phase upgrade, voltage modification, complex job conditions, or an extensive distance between the parking area and the electrical panel), additional charges may apply.

What does the additional work encompass, and what is the associated cost?

For most customers, there is typically no need for any enhancements to their power supply prior to the installation of an EV charger.
However, in cases where the actual installation costs go beyond the parameters of the standard installation plan (such as requiring a phase upgrade, altering voltage specifications, dealing with complex tasks, or addressing substantial distances between the parking area and the electrical panel), additional charges may apply.

The extent of this extra work is contingent on the unique circumstances of your situation. If your installation location already has an existing electricity supply, the process tends to be straightforward and budget friendly. The specific items and their corresponding costs will be detailed in the quotation. Several factors influence the extent of the additional work required, including:

  • The adequacy of the electrical supply in your parking space
  • The readiness of existing cables and infrastructure for use
  • The type of charging station being installed
  • Whether your parking space has a single-phase or three-phase electrical supply
  • The distances between your parking area and the electrical system, as well as between the charging station and the fuse box
  • The necessity for installing a separate electric meter
  • The need for the installation to pass through walls

What's the typical installation duration for my EV charger?

The primary determinant is the complexity of the situation. For instance, the installation becomes more time-consuming and costly if cables need to be embedded in the wall. In general, if there’s no need for a significant power system upgrade, we can complete the installation on your chosen date, typically taking around 3 hours.

My car model isn't found on your website. Can I still install an EV charger from RExharge or utilize your installation service?

Absolutely, our EV chargers are designed to be compatible with all EV models currently available in the market in Malaysia.
Simply click on the “BUY CHARGER NOW” button at the bottom of this response, and provide us with the details of your EV model. Alternatively, you can click here to make a home check appointment through WhatsApp. While we regularly update our vehicle list, it’s not exhaustive, as new EVs and plug-in hybrids are constantly being introduced to the market.

Do your service covers my city?

1 City, 1 DC

To address the challenges faced by EV owners when charging outside their homes, we launched the pioneering “1 City 1 DC” initiative. This visionary plan aimed to establish a network of direct current (DC) fast chargers strategically placed across the city.

These chargers were strategically located near residential areas, workplaces, and commercial centers, ensuring maximum accessibility for EV owners. Notably, purchasing our home charger automatically granted owners access to this city-wide charging network.

How can I reach out to you?

You have several options to contact us:

Phone: Feel free to give us a call at 011-5166 2025 during our office hours.

Whatsapp: Send us a text through Whatsapp at 011-5166 2025, and we’ll be happy to assist you there.

Email: You can also reach us via email at [email protected]

What happens if the charger malfunctions, and I haven't opted for the 3-year plan?

In the event of a charger malfunction, please notify us, and we can still coordinate an inspection and repair. However, please be aware that there will be associated charges. The specific fees can only be determined once our qualified electricians have conducted an assessment.

Do I have to ship the faulty charger back to you?

Whether you need to return the defective charger will be determined by its condition, and our electricians will provide guidance accordingly.